We love Raw Ingredient, Cabernet Vinegar.

This is a sweet and elegant finishing vinegar with a perfectly balanced flavour profile. The mild acidity of this vinegar is a perfect option as a fat free dressing for salads, meats and fish.

We use Cabernet Vinegar for our fabulous Dukkah Eggs. In this breakfast dish we serve perfectly poached free range eggs on sourdough toast with crushed avocado and then we top it all off with a small warm salad of roasted mushrooms and tomatoes, rocket, Danish fetta, extra virgin olive oil, Raw ingredient Cabernet vinegar and a liberal sprinkle of our Almond Dukkah. This is an amazing blend of tastes and textures.  This is a great brunch dish you can try at home.

Raw Ingredient Cabernet Vinegar can be purchased from your favourite gourmet grocer. We source ours from Sciclunas of Mentone.